Conference puts creativity and innovation in focus

Conference puts creativity and innovation in focus

Port Moresby—22 July 2019

The Papua New Guinea Australia Alumni Association (PNGAAA) hosted its Alumni Conference on Friday, 19 July, providing 22 alumni a platform to showcase creative and innovative ideas on how they are contributing positively to the nation’s development.

Under the overall theme ‘Creative and Innovative Approaches for the Sustainable development of Papua New Guinea’, 22 alumni presented on their efforts as positive change-makers and leaders in priority sectors including agriculture, health and natural resources. Women’s role in leadership and positive change in rural and regional areas were also in focus.

The conference, which also involved representatives from government, private sector, civil society and development partners, saw two types of presentations: lightning presentation, which is a quick overview of a creative or innovative idea or actual initiative contributing to the sustainable development of PNG and full presentation, on a proposal or actual initiative that contributes to the sustainable development of PNG.

High-level attendees attended the conference which included Australian High Commission Minister Council Mr Andrew Egan and other senior representatives from the Private Sector.

PNGAAA President Janet Rangou – who achieved her PhD in education on an Australia Awards scholarship – said the conference aimed to ensure the rich knowledge and experiences of alumni was promoted and shared.

“The Conference served as a platform to share, inspire, collaborate and even garnish creative ideals for growth in smart, practical and creative projects that are relevant, cost effective and contribute to change in PNG. This is the space to welcome initiatives that are thought out by Papua New Guineans, for PNG and made in PNG for the wellbeing of PNG”, added Rangou.

Keynote speaker at the Conference, Managing Director of Australian Indigenous owned company Gidgee Group, Mr Sean Gordon, spoke about innovative initiatives that he’s been leading with Indigenous communities in Australia and the relevance to community and social development in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Gordon said stakeholder engagement is very important in achieving sustainable long-term solutions. “Everything I do is about relationships, I value my relationships with government and corporate bodies,” explained Mr Gordon.

The Conference was followed by an evening reception for alumni and Australian higher education institutions participating in the 2019 Australia Future Unlimited: Papua New Guinea Education Roadshow. The reception contributes to the enduring connections between Papua New Guinea and Australia generated by Australia Awards.


2019 Annual General Meeting

2019 Annual General Meeting

The Papua New Guinea Australia Alumni Association (PNGAAA) held its 2019 Annual General Meeting for members at the Crown Hotel, Downtown, Port Moresby on Wednesday 26 June 2019 at 5pm.

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Financial Literacy Training for the Southern Region

Financial Literacy Training for the Southern Region

On Thursday and Friday, thirty Papua New Guinea Australia alumni (PNGAAA) and five Australia Awards Maritime Scholarships awardees participated in financial education training facilitated by Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) in Port Moresby. This was part of an agreement reached between the organisations to deliver a series of financial education workshops for PNGAAA members across Papua New Guinea. (more…)

Professional Development Workshops at The Precinct

Professional Development Workshops at The Precinct

There are a two training opportunities through the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct to support strong PNG Government public servants (Grade 14 and above).  I would appreciate if you could kindly share these opportunities with your counterparts in Government Departments and Agencies. (more…)

2018 PNGAAA Annual Dinner

2018 PNGAAA Annual Dinner

The PNGAAA Annual Dinner is Saturday, 13 October 2018 at the Holiday Inn Port Moresby.  The dinner supports our efforts to deliver high-quality professional development programs for our members and the operations of our eight provincial chapters. (more…)