On Thursday and Friday, thirty Papua New Guinea Australia alumni (PNGAAA) and five Australia Awards Maritime Scholarships awardees participated in financial education training facilitated by Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) in Port Moresby. This was part of an agreement reached between the organisations to deliver a series of financial education workshops for PNGAAA members across Papua New Guinea.

In partnership with Australia Awards Papua New Guinea, the training provided participants an understanding of the basics economic concepts and the benefits of being financially literate.

Empowered participants spoke highly of the training.

Bernard Bua explained “Even as professionals, we think we know how to budget but actually we don’t do it practically.”

Glenda Amu, an Australia Awards Maritime Scholarships awardee, said, “Although am just a student, I feel that the training will be beneficial to me in the near future as I will be able to save and budget my finances.”

Lavinia ToVue, a PNGAAA member from East New Britain reflected, “ I have to set a savings goals and make a savings plan as this translates into how I make a budget and allocate my income to meet my everyday needs as well as my savings goals.”

Elizabeth Tandoa, a teacher at the Gerehu Secondary School, stated, “I hope to share what I learnt at the training with my colleagues through in-service training.”

PNGAAA continues will continue to run professional development workshops to empower and enhance knowledge and skills of Australia Global Alumni and PNGAAA across Papua New Guinea.