Alumni Profiles

Paula Puawe

Paula Puawe

“… interest is always in the maternal mortality so I utilize my management and midwifery skills as well as my teaching experience to contribute to saving lives of the women in PNG”. Imparting skills and knowledge to midwives to reduce the high mortality rate in PNG. (more…)

Maria Nepel

“I was in a class of only boys and had to leave without completing Form 3 because I could not tolerate the bullying ; I was too young to defend myself and the urge to be with my parents became too immense.” (more…)

Cathy Pilang

Cathy comes from Nambilya District in the Western Highlands Province. She grew up in a Christian family and received all her education from Church-run institutions and her life in employment has strong links to the Catholic Church. (more…)

Yvonne Yagabo

Yvonne Yagabo is of mixed parentage from Gulf and Central Province . She is a single mother with two children, and amongst a number of women who have taken greater interest in the Hospitality industry.

Yvonne is an Australia Awards Scholarships recipient who took hospitality program at Kangan Institute of TAFE, in Melbourne (2011). She graduated in 2012 with an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality. (more…)

Wawaf Labuan

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts),  University of Melbourne — Research: A theory and practice application of the Trans-Phonemic Bridge as a parallel cross-cultural enrichment method for development in multi-lingual Education systems based on the Markham Model, PNG. (more…)