“Today, most institutions are realising the dynamics of the learning sector. Whether it be e-learning and interactive knowledge transfer through the use of multimedia and the internet , the challenge for institutions is to lead the road for learning more effectively. The Swinburne University of Technology which I attended leads by this model .”

Richard is one of numerous staff from Telikom PNG Limited, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Papua New Guinea who has been awarded an Australia Award Scholarship . He successfully graduated with Masters of Science – Network Systems from Swinburne University of Technology in Victoria.

“I was greatly driven by my interest to pursue a higher degree at the Post Graduate level. The aim was to enhance my existing knowledge and skills about the ICT Industry with the support of my employer” Richard explained.

“ I work on special projects at Telkom, directly supporting the CEO. The skills I gained from my Australia Award are helping me position Telikom to lead the communications revolution in PNG”.

“Being nominated as an ambassador of the PNG Australia Alumni Association this year has empowered me to share my experiences where required and further develop my country- PNG.”