The incoming PNGAAA executive will need to start work immediately to see its predecessor’s vision for a deep integration with provincial chapters become a reality.

At the official hand-over of responsibility on July 13, outgoing President, Professor Teutelohi Matainaho, warned that executive members’ roles are voluntary and compete aggressively with existing commitments.

Professor Matainaho

Professor Matainaho wishes the new National Executive well in his outgoing speech

But, he said, if pursued with dedication and passion, they can affect great benefits for members. And forging closer ties with provincial chapters is key to that.

Deeper integration with the chapters, he said, would strengthen the collective whole of all the organisations through greater engagement at both national and grass-roots levels.

“These provincial chapters are an important group,” said Professor Matainaho. “They contain emerging leaders and advocates for the marketing and promotion of all the associations.

“And they promote person-to-person links as well as strengthening the PNGAAA’s efforts.

Incoming President, Dr David Kavanamur, believes his team is ready for the challenge.

“We are a motivated team,” he said. “The goals of the former Committee are now very much ours, and we are keen to continue their great work.

“The end result of this deep integration initiative will be a robust network, and this will have tangible benefits for those who have studied under the Australia Awards program.”