Doctor of Philosophy (Arts),  University of Melbourne — Research: A theory and practice application of the Trans-Phonemic Bridge as a parallel cross-cultural enrichment method for development in multi-lingual Education systems based on the Markham Model, PNG.

Wawaf’s proposed research is strongly linked to undergraduate study in linguistics and education, work experience at UPNG and long history of personally-initiated research and voluntary community based work establishing self-help schools and teaching literacy, including adult literacy using his self-developed method.

“I want to provide direct input to the formal system to improve the teaching of languages at all school levels. I would like to work closely with the National Department of Education to promote trans-phonemic bridging as a tool to achieve success for PNG’s multi-lingual education system.’

Wawaf Labuan is a linguist and educator by profession and has been providing fulltime voluntary service in linguistics and literacy development services in the rural areas of the Markham District – Morobe Province. His passion and dedication to provide voluntary service at the community level has been recognised as a successful recipient of an Allison Sudrajat Award in addition to his ALA Scholarship. Upon return from his studies, Wawaf intends to work closely with the National Department of Education to promote multi-lingual education system as a means for PNG to achieve universal basic education. Wawaf also hopes to use his acquired skills and knowledge to work with people with speech and hearing disabilities.