In 2011, Morvin Honering then Senior Accounts Supervisor for Nestle PNG Limited applied for an Australia Award to further her professional career in accounting.

Morvin’s application for a scholarship was successful and with the financial support of the Australia Awards program, she successfully graduated with a Master of Professional Accounting from the James Cook University in Queensland in 2013.

Morvin recalls the challenges of managing her studies whilst also being a single mum to her then two-year-old daughter that she brought down to Australia with her for the duration of her studies. Morvin reflected on all the support she received from JCU and from her fellow PNG students.

“It was such a relief for me to know that even being away from home, my daughter and I became part of a new family of PNG students who all worked together to help each other out through our challenges to ensure that we all did well in our studies.”

“The experience of studying at JCU in Australia under Australia Awards has really moulded me into what I now can describe myself as a professional accountant.”

“Through my exposure in working alongside other colleagues at JCU who from very different ethnic backgrounds, it has given me the confidence to interact in a multicultural environment.”

Morvin is an active member of the Lae Chapter of the PNG Australia Alumni Association (PNGAAA) and works with her other committee members to support the professional development activities for PNGAAA members in Lae.

Morvin now works as a Senior Accountant for Agmark Group of Companies’ Coffee and Machinery Department and is taking her Certified Practicing Accountant exams to go to the next level of her professional associate status.