Christine Wamala Uru who graduated with a Diploma in Community Services and Welfare in 2010, is employed as the Research, Advocacy and Awareness officer for Cheshire Disability Services in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Christine is an inspiration to single parents caring for their children while studying. Her determination and commitment to excel in her studies, was realised when she graduated with distinctions.

She is another female Papua New Guinean awardee who has demonstrated that managing family and study can be achieved with commitment, focus, prioritization of time and having a positive attitude. She said that the “key to success is in your hands and you must be physically and mentally fit to work towards achieving your goals”.

She stated that despite the challenges of securing suitable accommodation for her family and a school for her sons while also adjusting to the culture and environment of living in Australia and the high level of education for her course, she  persevered by prioritizing her study time and managing her small family.

Christine proved that with careful planning and budgeting within the stipend provided by the AusAID funded scholarships, she was able to not only meet the daily expenses for her family but also afford the cost of return air fares for her family.

She values her scholarship award and considers study in Australia as a great opportunity in broadening her skills and knowledge in the field of social welfare work.

Providing awareness of disability issues is an important area for PNG that Christine is actively contributing to through “coordinated planning of programme activities on research advocacy and awareness jointly, with or in consultation with, other heads of programs and partners such as the media”.

Christine said she plans to use her newly acquired skills and knowledge to further increase “networking with co-agencies and partners in providing effective advocacy and awareness workshops in implementing the United Nations Convention of Rights for Persons with a Disability in PNG”.

She is working on “integrating awareness programs with other programs through inter-agency meetings, workshops and networking with PNG Assembly for Persons with Disability, who work in partnership with the Provincial Disability  Organisations, the National Board for Persons with Disability and Community Development Disability Section” so that the specific needs of persons with disability in PNG are met.