Employment Support

For our financial members, who may have just recently returned from studies in Australia or are looking at prospective job opportunities, the PNGAAA offers employment counselling service and job alerts.


This support is delivered in partnership with Head Hunters, a respected PNG recruitment firm, which provides one on one employment preparation and job matching commencing in the final months of awardee’s time in Australia.


Job Alerts


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Jonah Arut

Jonah Arut recently benefited from the PNGAAA Employment support.

Case Study
Employment Support

Matching job skills to the awardee’s strengths, experience and expertise is how John Arut secured his new role as Business Development Manager for LCR Group.


Jonah completed his Master of Business Administration from Flinders University in South Australia and returned to PNG in 2015. After utilising the Head Hunters ‘one on one employment counselling’ he has just accepted his offer for employment with LCR Group and will commence at the end of February.


“Head Hunters have really assisted me well after the reintegration workshop in Melbourne,” said Jonah.


“They [Head Hunters] assisted me from job searching and recommending me to jobs based on my qualifications. They even helped me in writing application letters and adjusting my resume to make me more marketable.


“In this job with LCR they were right with me from the job search, to the interview processes and the final job offer. I went for about five different job interviews in total in Australia and PNG.


“Head Hunters even prepared me for the interviews which I am so proud of. Pending my interview based on my resume I was offered my previous job.


“I am happy to be an ambassador and success story for the employment support program and Australia Awards as well.”