About Membership

PNGAAA members occupy leadership roles in government, the private sector and civil society. Members are also leaders in their communities and organisations across PNG.


Members are Papua New Guinean’s who are passionate about the development of PNG and developing links with Australia through their studies and other economic, development and social channels.


The association aims to provide a valuable membership package that supports the success of members at each stage of their career. This support focuses on professional development, networking and spaces for dialogue and action on development in PNG.


Membership package

Membership costs K75.00 per calendar year and the entitlements include:

  • Access to Professional Development Workshops at no charge
  • Access to Networking Events at no charge
  • Invitation to Development focused events and programs
  • Access to Leadership Development programs
  • Membership merchandise pack
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Job Alerts and employment support
  • Access to Small Grants
  • Opportunity to stay connected with Australian Networks and Australia Awards News


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Dr Cecilia Nembou

Almuni member, Dr Cecilia Nembou


Types of membership


Regular Members

Papua New Guineans who have studied in Australia at any time, at any education level are eligble to join PNGAAA as a regular member.


Associate Members

If you are Papua New Guineans that has not studied in Australia but falls under one of the four categories below, we welcome you to join the PNGAAA.

  1. Has worked in Australia for at least 3 months
  2. Has worked, or currently work for, an Australian Government program in PNG
  3. Has received, or are undertaking, an Australian Government Scholarship in PNG or the
  4. Is a spouse or over 18 dependent of a regular member